For the right oppurtunity

If you have a positive attitude, are a good team worker, and are interested in career development, you may be the right candidate to join our team.

We offer excellent benefits, ...
                                   a fine work environment,
                                                        and state-of-the-art technology.

Throughout the years of our professional activity, we have created a perfect work place for many skilled technicians, resulting in a collaboration that proved to be of mutual benefit.

We are always looking for experienced technicians and dedicated trainees.

Encouraged by the increased demand for Esthetic Dental Solutions, Our expansion follows the recently opened Dental Ceramics Training Center, which is driving the need for greater access to training and technology.

Course dates are to be inquired on Phone or by contacting :
Mr. Mohit at

Here courses are offered for the following topics :
Wax – up Technology
Aesthetics with All – and Metal Ceramics
Shape and Texture
Veneers on refractory dies

Precision Dental Studio, Kolhapur